How Businesses Can Support Their Female Employees

Bhawna Patkar
3 min readDec 22, 2021


In recent years, there’s been a lot of discussion about how women’s careers are impacted by their gender. This is a meaningful conversation because it can help us create more inclusive workplaces for all genders and work styles. One of the most important things employers can do is make sure they support female employees. Below are ways in which businesses can better support their female employees!

Consider Women’s Other Roles Outside of the Office

The majority of women employees are also mothers, partners, etc. It’s important to consider how other roles impact their employees’ experience at work — do they feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to achieve everything they want to? How does this affect their attitude? Do they feel like they’re doing everything perfectly all the time? This is especially important in creative fields where women are expected to ‘have it all. This can lead to feelings of guilt which ultimately leads to stress. Their employees’ experiences at work should be more than just about doing things on time or for a certain length of time — they should also consider the quality of their work and how it affects their lives outside of work.

Offer Various Forms Of Flexibility

Many workplaces are becoming more flexible in terms of time off, dress codes, etc. make sure they offer various forms of flexibility for their employees to take advantage of! This can be very helpful for mothers who may need to leave early some days or work from home — but this can also apply to others. If an employee gets a full night’s sleep and goes to work feeling well-rested, they’ll be a lot more productive!

Make Changes To Their Office Space

If their employees choose the matter, it’s a good idea to allow them to make changes to their office space in terms of layout and furniture. This is especially important for female employees who may need privacy from time to time! If an employee comes from a culture where they’re not allowed to discuss certain things with others, they probably don’t want to force them into an open-concept workspace — they’d likely be more productive in a space with a door. It may also be a good idea to assign partners in some workplaces — this can help reduce stress and anxiety when discussing personal things at work.

Provide Special Leave

Providing special leave for various reasons can also help their female employees. This is especially important for women who have just given birth, but it can also apply to others. If a female employee has had a death in the family, offer them special leave, so they don’t have to worry about coming into work and taking care of things on top of that. This can be especially helpful for women who live far away from their family members, as they don’t have to choose whether or not they want to go out-of-town for a short period of time!



Bhawna Patkar

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