How to Craft a Meaningful and Memorable Brand

Bhawna Patkar
2 min readFeb 22, 2022


What is a brand? It’s more than just a logo. A brand establishes people’s emotional connection with products, services, or companies. A strong branding strategy can give companies an incredible competitive advantage in their industries. So what goes into crafting a meaningful and memorable brand?

Leverage Data

Some businesses create their brand first and then attempt to match it with a target market. In reality, this should be the other way around. Every branding decision should be guided by the consumer’s demands, their beliefs and values, and their cultural demographics.

This means that businesses should first conduct significant market research to understand the demographics of their target audience. It will be easier to construct a brand identity customized for targeted demographics with the correct data.

Communicate Values Internally

At some point in every company’s growth, the core start-up team no longer makes up the majority of employees. This is often when a company’s culture begins to deviate from the founding vision.

Companies with an established and compelling brand identity understand that for their branding strategy to be successful, everyone needs to have buy-in across all levels of the organization.

Brand Activation

The last step in crafting a meaningful and memorable brand is actively and consistently using it throughout marketing strategies. There are three key ways brands should activate their identity: internally, with customers, and through product packaging.

  • Branding activities should be consistently implemented and maintained throughout the organization. When companies share brand assets like logos, colors, and taglines in a central location, it is easier for all employees to keep branding consistent across every channel.
  • Brands should activate their identity with customers through well-designed customer experiences that deliver on promises made by marketing messages. This means using the brand’s messaging and design as a guiding light for all customer touch-points such as advertising, product packaging, company events, email campaigns, phone conversations with support staff members, and so on.
  • Companies should use their branding to connect products with the underlying values of the brand through well-designed product packaging that communicates the brand’s message and experience to customers.

Crafting a brand is a challenging but rewarding process that can drive significant results for businesses. Keeping these tips in mind will aid in creating a brand that resonates with your target audience and helps achieve business goals.



Bhawna Patkar

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