Overcoming Doubt as a Business Owner

Bhawna Patkar
2 min readJan 5, 2022


To say a lot goes into entrepreneurship is an understatement. While a solid business idea may light the spark inside those wanting to be their own boss, sometimes the little things become overwhelming. It’s happened to just about every business owner. The good news is almost anyone can combat doubtful feelings and become the entrepreneur they desire to be.

Focus on the Positives and Potential Markets

Often individuals go with a business idea because they know there is an audience for a particular product or service. This knowledge may come from personal experience or regular employment in a related industry. By creating a formal business plan, aspiring entrepreneurs can look at important factors like demographics, marketing, and funding options.

Get Support in Weak Areas Promptly

No entrepreneur can do everything for their business without getting overwhelmed, so it’s helpful to reflect and decide what areas you are weaker in and hire help for those tasks. For instance, a person that’s disorganized or bad at math would be better off hiring a bookkeeper or Certified Public Accountant instead of trying to calculate their own profits or taxes. Running a business requires the expertise of many job titles, and few people have the knowledge or skills to do everything.

Learn How to Manage Time

Specific tasks can take longer than expected, or you might not have the resources to streamline all of your processes yet. Until a new business owner learns the curve of their operations, using a time cushion can save aggravation. The duration could be a few hours or a couple of days to complete necessary tasks. The purpose is to allow for a work-life balance and help you prioritize better.

Find Additional Ways to Make Money

These days, earning additional income from a related niche or additional skills can create a good revenue stream. While this requires planning, selling subscriptions, online courses, or e-books are excellent ways to create a brand and build an audience. Several ideas may result from taking time to assess possibilities and the competition.

Overall, the best way to combat negative thoughts is by making consistent progress. Setting goal milestones, along with learning the ropes takes time and patience. By learning from mistakes early, most business owners find being their own boss is profitable and rewarding.



Bhawna Patkar

Bhawna Patkar, founder of Ziphawk Inc. from Saratoga, CA, is a problem solver who never deters from undertaking difficult tasks or helping others.