Personal Brand Building for Women

Bhawna Patkar
3 min readMar 25, 2022


People are the most fundamental asset to any organization. They are the source of an organization’s strength, ingenuity, and success. Women have a lot of roles to juggle, especially when balancing time as working professionals. They are always looking for ways to be better at these roles. For women in entrepreneurship, this is especially challenging, as women continue to have more hurdles to jump through than their male counterparts.

Women leaders should develop their brand because it is a unique asset that differentiates them from others, provides them with visibility and influence, and gives them a competitive advantage in their careers. Personal branding also helps women create a positive reputation as leaders who make a difference in their organizations and communities. Read on for some tips on how to make an effective personal brand.

Select a Targeted Network

The first step is to choose one or two networks that are the most effective at reaching the target audience. This will help avoid being overwhelmed by all the different options available. One will also create more detailed content relevant to a specific group of people. If trying to reach teenage girls, Instagram might be the best choice. But if one wants to target corporate women in their mid-thirties, Facebook should do the trick. She can also create a blog to share expertise and make herself more visible on Google. It’s important to consider who the branding efforts need to reach, as this will influence the most successful strategies.

Design Branded Content

Choose a niche topic and research what type of content other brands post about it. Then try to develop original ideas for articles, videos, pictures, or recipes, depending on the platform intended to promote the brand. Use a professional photo as the profile pic, write an engaging bio and add links to website and social media profiles. This will help people connect online and learn more about the work. Choosing just one or two niches will help the brand be cohesive rather than a chaotic mix of content.

Update Profiles Regularly

If one intends on creating a personal brand, one needs to update social media regularly so that people keep seeing the posts in their newsfeeds. Content is king online, so don’t be lazy! Every week, aim to share at least one post on each profile (more is better). If running out of ideas, think about what people find helpful or interesting related to the industry. If someone is interested in the page but hasn’t seen any new content, they might think you’re no longer active and lose interest. A great strategy is to use post-scheduling software, such as Hootsuite, and schedule out many posts in advance. That way, instead of spending time on social media every week, it can be a monthly task.

Professional women can cultivate a strong, cohesive personal brand to elevate their professional image online with these principles in mind.



Bhawna Patkar

Bhawna Patkar, founder of Ziphawk Inc. from Saratoga, CA, is a problem solver who never deters from undertaking difficult tasks or helping others.